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Ride Unique

Ride Unique

The holidays have been over for a few weeks, and maybe that new year's resolution you were so adamant about is a lot harder to keep up with. This time of year tends to be, well, a little depressing. Gloomy weather and colder temps don't help, but that doesn't mean you've got to fall victim to winter blues. Instead of sadly staring at your Harley-Davidson sitting in the garage, take this time to make your ride as unique as you are.7e8f5a21214fa3996dbbb1eb8e4d35b8_9cc0428768fd46e0.png

Luckily, your local dealer (that's us!) is stocked full of parts & accessories that can help customize to your heart's content. From quarter fairings to wrapped front fenders, Mad Boar Harley-Davidson keeps iconic style top of mind.

Want to make a statement as soon as you hit the main drag? Pick up something like the new Prodigy Wheel: 19 inches of European GT race inspiration with a bronze finish to put your best tire forward. Or maybe the Ride Free Collection is more your scene? With chrome & black, you'll take on a classic look that's been passed down for decades. Footboards, hand grips, and even derby covers come with the noticeable RIDE FREE etching, a phrase made famous by Harley's own Willie G. If rolling with understated style is what you're after, the Overwatch Luggage Collection will keep your road essentials ready in a timeless piece you can take anywhere. 7f1e4cd9f5cacf48858299024f0e1d8d_95dd6433cde60909.png

No matter if you mean to impress your crew or just yourself, Mad Boar Harley-Davidson has the Genuine Parts & Accessories you can count on to make your ride count.

Find out more about how to Ride Unique by speaking to one of our Fit Shop specialists in the P&A Department by calling 956-399-4244 or clicking here.